Improve Your OEE

Everything you need to know about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and
best practices on how to implement OEE successfully in your company.

Calculating OEE – Formulas & Examples

The blog aims to show you how to calculate OEE and its components properly, using formulas and calculation examples. The three formulas that we are going to examine are:1. Availability Formula  2. Performance Formula  3. Quality Formula. Availability Formula Availability of OEE is simply the proportion of the scheduled working

How does improvement in OEE improve your manufacturing KPI

Manufacturers usually monitor several key performance indicators (KPIs) across the plant to see how various functions are performing a particular process. In manufacturing facilities, these parameters are usually shown on a dashboard or board and may be reviewed monthly. We’ve

The Biggest Mistakes in OEE Calculation and Monitoring

OEE has been an effective way to track overall equipment performance for 30 years. However, it is simple to make mistakes in OEE calculation, and given how much they reduce expected returns, these mistakes are far too frequent. We want

Why Oee Has Become The Gold Standard For Manufacturing

OEE is a key performance indicator that companies can use to measure their overall effectiveness. In this article, we go into the details of how OEE works and why manufacturing leaders should be using it to track progress and improve

Speed Loss – The Hidden Cause Of Factory Downtime

Speed loss in manufacturing facilities has received less attention than downtime, but the effect of speed loss on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) may be as much as 15 percent. This is because speed loss is a hidden and complicated problem

How To Identify And Remove Speed Loss In Process Pipelines

Improve Your OEE Nearly half of the performance efficiency (PE) can be lost due to micro-stops, speed loss, and slow speed alone. Speed targets are often set too low, which leads to performance efficiency exceeding 100%. This is a widespread

How To Identify Machine Breakdown Causes

When you use a system or tool to monitor machine downtime, performance, and OEE automatically, the outcome usually depends on how well your system is set up. Defining machine breakdown causes is one of the most critical aspects you need