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Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Manufacturing Execution System


Energy Management System


Smart Machine



Your Machines In One Place

All of your machinery can be easily connected to a single dashboard where all of your data will be collected and displayed. Get information about how a Tipteh specialist can help you set up a connection between your machines and the software.


Have Your Work Orders Implemented Correctly

All of your work orders can be prepared, implemented and tracked through the software. See which work orders have been completed and which ones need to be optimized - all in a single place that is personalized for your production plant.


Our Software Increases Your Factory Efficiency

Through precise data collection and real-time reporting, you get a deeper look into how your factory truly functions and what sections can be improved. Analyze your production performance in different phases over custom time periods and optimize for improvement.


You Get An Expert Consultant On Your Side

Our Tipteh automation specialists are at your disposal as soon as you start using any of the software solutions! Get direct help from experts in the industry who have years of experience in automation in order to improve your overall factory performance.

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Track and Increase OEE

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Our main goal is to help businesses overcome obstacles on their way to optimal performance. Reach out to one of our experts to get direct information regarding solving the issue you may be having.

Benefits for your production


Faster reaction time

  • Get direct feedback about each work order
  • Track work order performance in a single dashboard
  • Defect alerts are instant


Reduction in reports generation

  • Get data in real time from your production line
  • All reports are easily exportable
  • Automate your reports for different goals


OEE increase

  • Track where you’re wasting your resources
  • Find out what steps of the production can be improved
  • Learn more about your machine performance



  • Inform your decision making in real time
  • Get direct insights into your production line as the product goes through all the manufacturing stages
  • Decrease possibility of interfering with the production process



  • Gain insight into your utility consumption and optimize your savings
  • Get a better understanding of your machine utility input
  • Identify and address inefficiencies in real time

A simple 6-week process will
get your new software fully set up!

Our team works diligently to make sure the software and all the connections are established correctly. Let us handle all the necessary steps and set up your software solution in less than a month!

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