10 Examples Of Green Manufacturing Practices

The aim of this article is to help you become greener. Even some of the big business leaders are leaning to it, like Bill Gates. What Are the 10 Simple Steps That Every Manufacturer Can Take to Become More Green?

Calculating OEE – Formulas & Examples

The blog aims to show you how to calculate OEE and its components properly, using formulas and calculation examples. The three formulas that we are going to examine are:1. Availability Formula  2. Performance Formula  3. Quality Formula. Availability Formula Availability

How does improvement in OEE improve your manufacturing KPI

Manufacturers usually monitor several key performance indicators (KPIs) across the plant to see how various functions are performing a particular process. In manufacturing facilities, these parameters are usually shown on a dashboard or board and may be reviewed monthly. We’ve

The Biggest Mistakes in OEE Calculation and Monitoring

OEE has been an effective way to track overall equipment performance for 30 years. However, it is simple to make mistakes in OEE calculation, and given how much they reduce expected returns, these mistakes are far too frequent. We want

How Waste is Defined in Manufacturing

Experts in sustainability, quality assurance, and continuous improvement frequently use the phrase “waste.” In every use case, the intention is to attempt and eradicate it, but what exactly should be eliminated? Different departments have different ideas on what constitutes “trash.”

Merging OEE Monitoring and ISO 50001

Energy and manufacturing efficiency both aid businesses in being more environmentally friendly. We explain how ISO 50001 operates in this post, along with the benefits of combining your energy usage data with OEE. ISO 50001 – What Is It Exactly?