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Lean Continuous Improvement – Key to Success in Any Industry

The extent to which lean continuous improvement (LCI) has impacted how manufacturers conduct business highlights the significance of LCI. The iterative process for achieving incremental gains exemplifies the mindset that lean continuous improvement fosters, which promotes ever-higher performance levels. What is Lean Continuous Improvement? A word on how we use

Improve your OEE: Switch From Reactive to Predictive Maintenance

The day-to-day operations of firms are changing as a result of technology. Major corporations are putting more effort into enhancing product quality, automating procedures at lower costs, and streamlining equipment maintenance. Due to technology advancements, manufacturers can now use predictive

How Digitalization Enhances Manufacturing Quality Control

The use of automation and digitalization to manage and improve industrial quality control has long been pioneered by the automobile and aerospace sectors. However, in recent years, other manufacturers have started to see the advantages digitalization, in particular, can provide

The Benefits Of OEE To Manufacturers in ROI Analysis

Manufacturers now have new opportunities to comprehend and use ROI analysis because of advancements in the IIoT and its wide adoption. In this article, we examine this subject and clarify the significance of OEE growth in determining the ROI of

How OEE Monitoring Helps Different Areas Of A Business

OEE monitoring solutions can provide valuable insights for production teams, but they also offer information that can be leveraged by other departments within the manufacturing organization. Take the sales department as an example. The team there could have received a